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Ashley Paré is a captivating speaker who delivers keynote talks and interactive workshops. By leveraging her own personal experiences to connect with her audiences, Ashley provides actionable insights that can be implemented immediately.

Speaking topics include


and negotiation


Giving and receiving




Ashley has been booked by some of the biggest organizations in technology and finance and regularly speaks for leadership conferences, employee resource groups and women’s organizations. Ashley is inspirational, empowering, and relatable!



Activating Leaders

Activating Leaders & Closing
Organizational Gaps!

Own Your Worth® bridges the gap between employees and employers. When you prioritize people in organizations by investing in leadership development, you create a win-win for the individual, the collective, and the business bottom line.

We all know the impact of one bad apple on a team. So, what’s the cost to the business, team, and culture when it goes unnoticed?

Women Leaders are still leaving organizations at higher rates than men. Why? Most people feel their employers are missing the mark on fulfilling their commitments to diversity of talent, belonging, and equity. Organizations are falling short on providing impactful leadership.

People want to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. They want to know that what they do and who they are matters. So, how does a business, organization, and company solve this?

Through impactful leadership!

When organizations invest in the development
of their leaders, the business thrives because:

Psychological safety is created

Increasing productivity significantly

Allowing employees to feel seen, heard, and invested in

Making them engaged

Increasing psychological safety even more

Leading to attracting the best employees

Leading to out-performing
the competition

Leading to increased innovation

Leading to a best in class organization setting the tone in the market and talent place and reaping the financial rewards.


Leading to a best in class organization setting the tone in the market and talent place and reaping the financial rewards.


Although inclusion efforts within organizations have increased, organizations have failed to update systematic structures, like performance management, internal mobility, and succession planning.

If you’re a leader invested in supporting your team, your culture, and your product or service, it’s essential that you become aware of your limitations, blocks, and bad habits to transform into a leader who is aware, worthy, and knowledgeable about developing talent and bringing out the highest potential of people.

Executives, managers, and People are responsible for setting the Leadership tone. Commit to becoming a courageous leader who owns their worth today! – are you someone who leads with love or fear?



Here are my main bookable
workshops and topics/titles:

Own Your Worth

Own Your Worth: Mastering the Art
of Self-Advocacy & Negotiation

Would you like to confidently self-advocate at work without the fear of negative consequences? Join us and hear from Ashley Paré, CEO of Own Your Worth®, as she delivers an interactive workshop that will give you the tools to create impact at work, be recognized for your contribution, and grow your career.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • identify, own, and articulate the unique strengths and capabilities that make them an asset to the organization
  • move through fear, bias, and imposter syndrome to confidently self advocate
  • build (not burn) relationships with bosses, peers, and stakeholders by making the “ask” in negotiation
  • Handle objections and feel confident that “No” is not the end



Thriving Beyond Limits

Thriving Beyond Limits: 5 Challenges Confronting High Achieving Women

Leadership begins within. In order to manage and grow a thriving career it’s important to understand, believe in, and clearly articulate the value you bring to your organization in order to grow, earn more, and create a bigger impact. Yet, many women stay stuck in mid-career level jobs and struggle to reach their next level. Why? In this talk, Ashley Paré will unveil the top 5 reasons women stay stuck, burn out, and feel undervalued and underpaid. The audience will leave with actional strategies to implement in their life and career to overcome personal and systematic limits that prevent them from moving forward and creating success and impact in their careers, lives and businesses.



Master the Leadership

Master the Leadership Skill of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Are you ready to be seen as a leader within your organization and leverage your voice to create impact and grow your career? If so, you’ll want to master the art of giving and receiving feedback. Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion to learn feedback best practices and how you can use these tools to grow your career and earn more. In this interactive session you’ll learn how to love giving and receiving feedback, lean into difficult conversations vs. shy away, and reap the rewards as your confidence soars.

Join Ashley Paré, Leadership & Negotiation Coach, to learn:

  • how to build trust with leaders and peers at work
  • how and when to ask for feedback
  • how to manage constructive criticism
  • how to feel good about giving feedback




Move through fear, bias and imposter syndrome to confidently grow

Know and articulate their value and impact

Leverage language to manage and process feedback

Leverage language to manage and process feedback

Understand their worth is separate from their contribution

Influence others and self-lead

Build (not burn) relationships with bosses, peers, and stakeholders



Thanks to Ashley being a powerful and relatable speaker, our latest company event promoted confidence, strength, learning, success & celebration! Our engagements with Ashley Paré & Own Your Worth® have been fantastic for our organization. As a company dedicated to equity, equality and inclusion, Ashley’s guidance, support and experience has helped to shape our goals & direction. The types of reactions we have received from employees are ‘inspiring & empowering’. There were so many actionable tips but the one that stands out is: ask for help, it shows your strength.

Lauren R. Lawrence
VP of HR at TISTA Science & Technology

Ashley’s work is truly inspirational. In just a short workshop, she helped me change the way I calculate – and communicate – my own value. Having my manager on that same workshop motivated a meaningful conversation about how she could do better to advocate for me and my team. I attribute that victory to Ashley’s powerful message. She has a gift of holding up a mirror and gently guiding her clients to see themselves in an enlightened way.

Senior Manager & ERG Leader

I oversee a woman’s leadership program at CSC and have welcomed Ashley on several occasions. She has presented in person a few times for us and participated in a campus-wide online professional development conference during the Covid pandemic. She brings a lot to the table for our students in that she not only works to help them realize their value in the working world but also discusses their personal relationship with money, which is an eye-opener for many.

Jennifer Tockman
Director of Career Development and BOLD Women’s Leadership Network, Colby-Sawyer College

Ashley presented Own Your Value & Negotiate for Your Future to the Women in Architecture Committee for the American Institute of Architects. As a Speaker and Coach, Ashley is engaging, open and vulnerable in sharing her own experiences in the corporate world as well as offering her knowledge as a Human Resources professional. This insightful information and encouragement supported our members in navigating work challenges, like continuance of professional advancement during COVID. Ashley’s tools reminded us of our value and that it’s not always automatically recognized. As women, it’s necessary to negotiate our worth continuously throughout our career.

Renée Marcus
Board Member, American Institute of Architects

Ashley’s passion is inspirational!  I highly recommend attending one of her sessions and or engaging her to help you understand, own and communicate your worth both personally and professionally.

Shannon Yeats
VP, Contact Center & ERG Leader

Ashley’s discussion on self-advocacy and negotiation was the tough love our employees needed. She’s a natural conversationalist and gave folks actionable steps one could take to advocate for themselves. We received validation that being emotional and scared is part of the process, but Ashley showed us we can process the feelings and then prepare to ask for what we deserve. A big takeaway is if you don’t get a “no”, you haven’t asked for enough.

Viktoria Kareva
ERG Co-Lead, Justworks

Ashley’s talk made our employees think about self-advocacy in new ways, such as keeping the concept of “own your worth” at the forefront of your thought process and the motivational driver for standing up for what you feel you deserve and have worked hard to earn. Ashley’s talk was inspirational and enabling. Ashley is a captivating speaker using her own personal experiences to connect to her audience while providing actionable insights that can be implemented immediately

Jill Murray
Senior Program Manager, ERG President @AWS