Self-Worth & Confidence


One of our readers wants to know how she should answer the dreaded, open-ended question “So, tell me about yourself?” during the interview process to

 Activate Confidence Embrace Failure Workbook

When in your life have you experienced failure? Would this be considered a failure to an objective observer? Leverage this workbook to reframe failure and activate your confidence for future success.

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure session replay. Are you worried about being perceived as a failure? Has a past negative experience crippled your ability to take chances or risks? Do you ruminate over judgement and shame if everything “goes wrong”? In this session we’re going to unpack this so you can gain clarity on what to do with feelings of failure and how to transform them into self-confidence.


We all get stuck. Whether it’s our business, career, or personal life, feeling stuck shows up as exhaustion, avoidance, and uncertainty about our next steps. We often feel decision fatigued and paralyzed to choose. Feeling stuck can lead to us being extra hard on ourselves, creating a swirl of shame, blame, or self-doubt. Many of my clients come to me at this exact moment; when they’ve tried things on their own, without success, and they lack clarity on the next step to take in their career that will leave them feeling aligned and recognized.

Trust Your Instincts Workbook 

Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It is you! But you don’t need the mirror to tell you that. The trick is that the mirror will only reflect it back to you when you believe it first. Leverage this Mirror Work Challenge (and exercises) to help you trust your instincts by loving and accept all of who you are.

Activate Confidence; Embrace Failure Meditation

Connect with your higher self to practice Activating Confidence and Embracing Failure. Leverage this meditation to build and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance system to tap into your confident energy. This meditation was recorded as part of the Activate Confidence_Embrace Failure February 2024 Masterclass session.