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Money & Mindset


By Ashley Paré - January 04, 2024

Transforming your relationship with money is a secret weapon of negotiation.  In order to confidently negotiate for more money, or more of what you want in your life, you have to be ready and willing to receive it.  You have to remove any roadblocks in your path that are preventing you from allowing more (money, love, abundance, gratitude) into your life.  In order to receive more, you have to believe you’re worthy of receiving it!

Is your relationship with money serving you or holding you back from creating the life and career you desire? 

Negotiation and self-advocacy are deeply linked to your relationship with you, your feelings around worthiness, and your self-confidence.  Learning the skills to negotiate is an important step in the process of asking for and getting what you want. However, if you fail to address your relationship with money – your inner world – you’ll fail to break old patterns and thought systems that may not be aligned with what you truly want.

Owning your worth is about being paid fairly and competitively for the work you do AND about connecting to the part of you that knows you are inherently worthy of receiving the life, career, and earnings of your dreams.

The hardest part of negotiation is not deciding what to ask for or how to ask for it; the hardest part is believing you are worthy of it – no matter the outcome.

In order to remove the glass ceiling you may have around money, you have to become aware of the roadblocks that are preventing you from owning your worth. Roadblocks can sound and feel like this:

  • “I don’t deserve more”

  • “I am not enough”

  • “I have to do more before I’m worthy of having more”

If your deep rooted beliefs are not positively aligned with earning well, accepting recognition, and receiving for your efforts and expertise, they will prevent you from confidently self-advocating for more.

The good news is you can identify and shift your relationship with money, and the time is now! If you want to create a fulfilling and abundant life and career, begin by testing your current relationship with money.  Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How do you make decisions around money?  (How do you feel, what do you consider, and who do you go to for advice?)
  2. Do you feel comfortable investing in yourself? (Or, do you doubt your decisions and put pressure or guilt on yourself after spending if it’s not “reasonable” or “necessary”?)

The way you make decisions about spending and saving money directly impact your ability to talk about money with your boss.  I want to give you the tools to address your fears, understand your money habits, and strategies to transform your old pattern so you can ask for and receive a $15,000 or $30,000 increase in pay.

This is your time to invest in you and your future.  I want you to know what it feels like to know you are worth it.  If you’ve been thinking about asking for a raise for months, or even years, don’t beat yourself up – the past is in the past.  Instead, trust that this is your time. Trust that choosing to address your relationship with money now will transform your life moving forward.

The decision is yours:  are you ready to take action to confidently and successfully negotiate, or will you continue to wait?

If you want the tools and strategies to help you address and transform your relationship with money, as well as the step-by-step process to prepare for and make your negotiation ask, I’m inviting you to join The Negotiator program, a powerful toolbox that will serve you for years to come.