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By Ashley Paré - February 03, 2019

Knowing and owning your superpower helps you break glass ceilings through career negotiation and leadership, but how do you unlock it?

Recently, I gave a TEDx Talk, How To Have Your Cake and Negotiate Too. To get a better understanding of what Own Your Worth is all about check out my TEDx Talk here!

I really love what I do because I help my clients:

  • Feel confident asking for whatever it is they want!
  • Reach their goals!
  • Earn more money!
  • Tap into their own confidence so they can live the life of their dreams!
  • Unlock their superpower!

So today I want to know…

What is YOUR superpower?

I have been told that getting to the root cause of what is holding someone back from ultimately reaching their full potential is my superpower.

The truth is that is not my superpower…it’s how I UNLOCK my superpower!

My true superpower is the ability to see YOUR beauty, YOUR greatness, YOUR superpower!

How is this possible?

I am able to identify with YOU. I’m able to see what’s holding you back from creating your ideal life.

I can help you unlock your superpower right now…are you ready?

  • Think about what it is that you do very easily.
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What is it that other people really appreciate in you?

This is often difficult for people to do on their own because we can be our own worst critics. We can self-identify with what is hard for us, or where we feel we are “not good enough” before we give ourselves permission to own our greatness.

If you are not aware of your superpower, ask 3 people in your network that you trust to weigh in. Consider giving yourself credit for how far you’ve come and notice what others see in you.

This is the perfect time to identify and hone your superpower – because it’s yours and yours alone. It’s your secret sauce. It’s why others want to be around you. It is what will set you apart this year in your career if you’re ready to own it, leverage it, and be recognized for it.

Unlocking your superpower is going to set you up for an amazing year to create whatever it is you want in 2024.