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Why You’re Doing it and How to Stop

You’ve been trudging along, accepting things as they are, convincing yourself that maybe this is just how life is supposed to be. It’s a familiar pattern: you settle for the job that doesn’t fulfill you, the relationship that lacks passion, the routine that stifles your creativity.

Escaping The Settling Trap

Ask yourself: Have I lost track of the dream I had for my career or my life? Am I just going through the motions without intentional advancement? Do I believe I am worthy of what I truly want?

2024 Goal Setting A New Process that Actually Works

2024 Goal Setting A New Process that Actually Works Look Back to Look Ahead: Year End Reflections & New Intentions

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure session replay. Are you worried about being perceived as a failure? Has a past negative experience crippled your ability to take chances or risks? Do you ruminate over judgement and shame if everything “goes wrong”? In this session we’re going to unpack this so you can gain clarity on what to do with feelings of failure and how to transform them into self-confidence.

Trust Your Instincts

In this session, we dive into the process of relieving decision fatigue, reconnecting with your intuition, and finally trusting yourself. Learn Ashley’s TRUST method and hear from special guest Lisa Berkovitz. Lisa joins us to share her wisdom and leads us on a powerful journey within.

Trust Your Instincts Meditation, with Lisa Berkovitz

Set aside time to practice the art of trusting yourself by connecting with your inner wisdom to ask for and receive guidance. Join our special guest Lisa Berkovitz as she leads us on a deep and powerful journey within.

Trust Your Instincts Workbook 

Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? IT IS YOU!!!! But you don’t need the mirror to tell you that the trick is that the mirror will only tell you this when YOU BELIEVE IT FIRST.

Connect with Your Higher Self Meditation

Connect with your higher self to practice Activating Confidence and Embracing Failure. Leverage this meditation to build and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance system to tap into your confident energy. This meditation was recorded as part of the Activate Confidence_Embrace Failure February 2024 Masterclass session.

Fear Less Meditation

Feeling triggered? Utilize this meditation when you have a fear, trigger, or self-limiting belief that’s actively causing you upset. Transmute your tigger by feeling into the fear to notice and accept it’s wisdom. Relief is on the way!