Money & Mindset

Allowing Money & Dreams to Flow

We all have a relationship with money. This relationship affects whether or not we believe money is attainable and abundant, or hard to come by and scarce. What is your relationship with money? In this session we’re going to unpack how your beliefs about money influence the risks and choices you’re willing to take in your life.

 Allow Money & Dreams to Flow Workbook

Transform your relationship with money to align your choices, actions, and beliefs to reach your dreams

How Your Relationship with Money is Costing You Your Dreams

You sit down to review your finances, feeling a sense of dread creeping in. You’ve been diligent, tracking every penny and scrimping where you can, but the numbers don’t lie. The dream of starting your own business seems just as far away as it did a year ago.

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure

Activate Confidence Embrace Failure session replay. Are you worried about being perceived as a failure? Has a past negative experience crippled your ability to take chances or risks? Do you ruminate over judgement and shame if everything “goes wrong”? In this session we’re going to unpack this so you can gain clarity on what to do with feelings of failure and how to transform them into self-confidence.

Trust Your Instincts Workbook 

Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It is you! But you don’t need the mirror to tell you that. The trick is that the mirror will only reflect it back to you when you believe it first. Leverage this Mirror Work Challenge (and exercises) to help you trust your instincts by loving and accept all of who you are.

TEDx Talk

The same negotiation tactics don’t work for everyone. Finding the right workplace negotiation tool for you starts with understanding and believing in your worth.