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Allowing Money & Dreams to Flow

We all have a relationship with money. This relationship affects whether or not we believe money is attainable and abundant, or hard to come by and scarce. What is your relationship with money? In this session we’re going to unpack how your beliefs about money influence the risks and choices you’re willing to take in your life.

No is Not the End Workbook

Grab a partner and work through a “no” to get closer to your “yes” and own your worth

No is Not the End Meditation

Leverage this meditation to own your worth, own your “no”, own your “yes” and feel more empowered instead of powerless

No is Not the End

No is Not the End May Session Replay. Fear of rejection or retaliation is one of the biggest things keeping us stagnant in business, dead end jobs, and relationships. This fear paralyzes us and prevents us from taking action. But, rejection truly is redirection. A “No” gives us the information we need to identify the path to the life we want. In this session, you will learn how to take a “no” and harness it so you can take action and get closer to your goals.


One of our readers wants to know how she should answer the dreaded, open-ended question “So, tell me about yourself?” during the interview process to

 Activate Confidence Embrace Failure Workbook

When in your life have you experienced failure? Would this be considered a failure to an objective observer? Leverage this workbook to reframe failure and activate your confidence for future success.