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Member Mixer & Office Hours
Join us for our monthly Member Mixer & Office Hours! Leverage your community to grow your network and support your goals.
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11 AM-12:30 PM EST
The Activator Collective Presents, Change Champion: Thriving Through Transformation

Join Ashley Paré, CEO of Own Your Worth® & Kristen Isaac,  Founder of Project Solved, to expand your capacity to manage and thrive through change! Change can be challenging, but it can also be an exciting opportunity for growth. This session equips you to navigate change effectively. We’ll explore communication strategies, tools for managing emotions, and best practices for leading and implementing change with empathy. Learn how to be a champion for positive change within your team and ensure everyone has a voice in the process. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of communication and empathy during change. Discover best practices for leading and implementing change effectively. Become equipped with tools and strategies to empower their teams and ensure all voices are heard.

11 AM-12:30 PM EST
How to Unhook from an Anti-Rest Culture and Learn to Dream, Play, & Recharge

How do we rest in a culture that rewards the grind? More importantly, why is this critical? In this session we will learn why the power in productivity actually lies in rest, play, and surprisingly creativity. In a hybrid world disrupted by the creator economy, creativity is one of the most critical skill sets for success in the 21st century. In this session you’ll walk away with a newfound regard for rest and play as agents of creativity and learn how to unhook from the pressure of constantly striving, doing, producing, and always being available.

3-4 PM EST
The Activator® Guest Speaker Series Presents

Join Ashley Paré, CEO of Own Your Worth® & Ariel Nathanson, CEO Finances for Feminists, to expand your understanding of personal finance. You’ll: -Gain awareness of how you spend your money -Identify your core values and reflect on how money can support the life you want to lead -Learn a practical budget framework to organize your finances. -Explore a fresh financial perspective!

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