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Working with Ashley has changed my life.  Prior to our work together, I felt intense pressure to prove myself at work and was struggling to navigate my goals and dreams.  Through our work together, I’ve been able to channel my executive self, trust my intuition, and make bold asks both personally and professionally.  I’ve transformed my career, increased my earnings, and started my own business because I was willing to receive support. I tapped into my confidence to walk away from what no longer served me.

Founder & Brand Storyteller

Working with Ashley during the last year has been life-changing! I was able to become the leader I always imagined by learning how to own my worth and step into my empathy power. Ashley helped me build the tools and frameworks that enabled me to have conversations that aligned my life and professional goals with my values and my desired income. The two promotions I received in the last year while speaking my truth and loving myself is a direct result of Ashley’s ingenious coaching skills and support!

Senior Solutions Engineering Manager

In my career, I’d been told that I had to demonstrate the job I wanted for at least a year before I’d be compensated and promoted to it. While I watched others be promoted based on potential. I was eager to reform my beliefs and get the seat at the table I had earned. I wanted to be able to pull other women and diverse perspectives up to leadership with me. With Ashley, I was able to build foundational skills around salary negotiation, earn 20% more, and not be worried about others saying “No”. Achieving your goals and objectives takes resilience and tenacity. Thank you to Ashley for being a part of my career journey.

Chief Operating Officer, Visionary Executive

Working with Ashley gave me a sense of radical transparency. Over time, self-doubt crept in and I stopped sharing who I really am. Now I’m able to tap into my truth and I’ve adopted it internally and externally. There is a red hot arrow of alignment – and I am shining through. I am honest with myself and with the people in my life who matter most. I made a tough decision to leave a job and a country, but I listened to my gut and allowed myself space and time to connect with what is next for me and my career.

Product Marketer, Angel Investor

[The Activator program] made me realize that so many masculine leadership archetypes are valued in the workplace, and not enough feminine ones.  We need more women leaders who are comfortable and secure enough in their own styles to be out there and show people that there are other leadership forms that are just as powerful if not more powerful.

Senior Technical Program Manager

Ashley is a powerful, compassionate, passionate, empathetic, and insightful leadership coach that gave myself and my cohort the tools to embrace our CEOs within.

Interaction Designer

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I want nothing more than for you to own your inherent worthiness, step into your authentic power, and build a successful life, business, and career on your own terms. I know what it feels like to be under valued and overworked, afraid to speak my truth for fear of potential negative consequences. The courage to face my fear and failures has given me my greatest lesson and gift. I’ve transformed what was truly holding me back from reaching my highest potential: my self-limiting belief that I was not enough. And you can too.



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We all get stuck. Whether it’s our business, career, or personal life, feeling stuck shows up as exhaustion, avoidance, and uncertainty about our next steps. We often feel decision fatigued and paralyzed to choose. Feeling stuck can lead to us being extra hard on ourselves, creating a swirl of shame, blame, or self-doubt. Many of my clients come to me at this exact moment; when they’ve tried things on their own, without success, and they lack clarity on the next step to take in their career that will leave them feeling aligned and recognized.


When I ask folks what holds them back from asking for a raise, the response I often get is this: fear. Fear of potential negative consequences, like losing a job offer all together or being seen as greedy. So what is it about fear that makes us pump the breaks? When it comes to negotiating for a raise, fear can paralyze us from taking the appropriate action to successfully ask for what we want because we are afraid of the perceived negative consequences.


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